We are Canadian based not for profit organization that
supports women and children affected by domestic violence.
We empower women to use their voice, find their courage
and provide a path forward.

Our Mission

The Sity Society brings awareness of domestic abuse to light from the darkness, enabling women to feel empowered and
rebuild their life free of fear.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every woman who has escaped domestic abuse receives the support she needs so that she no longer has to live in fear for her safety and the safety of her children.

Our Values

What We Do

We operate under the fundamental pillars of care, confidence and growth to ensure that the communities we serve are benefiting directly both physically and emotionally.

Our Team

As a group of empowered and professional women, who collectively have joined our efforts to be of service to causes that are close to our hearts and our communities. Being advocates for those who have lost their voice, path or purpose and to restore their faith and belief in themselves and their lives.


Sandra Lisi

Founder of The Sity Society


An Executive Public Servant, Sandra is also the Founder of Sandra in The Sity the Coach which is focused on the leadership development of women to maximize their voice and potential. The passion that drives Sandra is to be of service to others and in particular women and children affected by Domestic Abuse. Her leadership also serves the community and faith in which she lives and practices as an Executive Board member of the Catholic Women’s League of Canada at the local parish level. She has delivered many successful campaigns to support local shelters in the Greater Toronto Area and is committed to increasing awareness of domestic abuse and the bringing light to their darkness through The Sity Society.


Julie Lopes Brito

Co-Founder of The Sity Society


Her vocation is that of travel and being of service to others. Julie is an entrepreneur and the owner of L.S. Travel and has spent 25 years in the travel and tourism industry including teaching at a local community college in the Greater Toronto Area. Julie is an advocate in her community having served the Vaughan Food Bank, St. Vincent De Paul and she is involved with the parent councils in her local schools in Vaughan, Ontario.


Vinnie Coluccio

Co-Founder of The Sity Society


Vinnie is the Founder of Vinnie Rose Designs specializes in Balloon Décor, Customized Gifts and Seasonal Arrangements. She is passionate about each client’s needs in bringing their festivities to life. She is also an active member of her local Greater Toronto Baseball League where she serves as the League Secretary.


Louella Mendonsa

Co-Founder of The Sity Society


Louella’s educational background and her career in several countries including the Middle East, US and across Canada where she has held various executive management roles has formed her leadership in the charity work she is involved in. She is a mom of 3 and an advocate within the Autism community where she organizes workshops, events and offers coaching to women who are building their life and passions.


Martha Eleftheriou

Co-Founder of The Sity Society


Martha is a Life Coach and Mentor, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master. She is filled with inspiration to help others live a life they truly love by tapping into their full potential and uncovering what they are truly passionate about.


Rose Stange

Co-Founder of The Sity Society


Rose is an Executive with one of Canada’s top 5 financial institutions. She is also the President of the Catholic Women’s League at the parish level in North York Ontario.