Love for All Women Campaign

Love for All Women Campaign

Love for All Women Campaign

The Love for All Women campaign was created to show Love to ALL Women and in particular women affected by domestic abuse. Within the north Toronto area there is a women’s shelter for domestic abuse which is such an amazing place where women and children escape to when they are victims. I have run campaigns for Ernestine’s in the past and I wanted to make a difference for the women.

A social media call out for help to reach these goals I had set for a one month long campaign, February 1-28 included donations of non-perishable food, hygiene items, gift cards for groceries and cash donations.
The goals set at the start of the campaign were simple, it was a difficult time for everyone and we wanted to make a small difference in any way we could.
100 pounds in non-perishable food and hygiene products.
$500 in gift cards.
$500.00 in cash donations to the shelter directly.

We had 10 drop off locations across the Greater Toronto Area for donations to be dropped off at and people were so eager to help, it was overwhelming!

A community of strangers came together and in 28 days made a huge difference in the lives of 400 women and children who are part of Ernestine’s after care program. 

Drum roll please…. Our achievements overwhelmed the shelter and its clients, so much so that we were able to fill their pantry which feeds these 400 people for a couple of months worth of food!

Achievements: 3,650 pounds of non-perishable food & hygiene products. $3000 in donations. $1800 in grocery gift cards.

A huge thank you to all of the volunteers, collaborators and donors for making a difference in the lives of women and children affected by domestic abuse.